Claire at 5 & 6 Months

Claire is actually now 7 months! It’s kind of hard to believe,  but I will admit that I am enjoying her more as she becomes seemingly less breakable. And the […]

Our First Post-Claire Getaway

We have loved getting away to the Sedona/Flagstaff area ever since we moved to Arizona. A few weeks ago, we decided to book a last minute quick weekend getaway to […]

Claire at 4 Months

It is hard to believe Claire is already 4 months! She really started changing right around 3 months and suddenly she is a “big baby.” When she was first born […]

Claire’s Hospital Photos

Wanted to start sharing all things Claire. To start, we were lucky to have a photographer come to our room in the hospital to take some fresh baby photos right […]

Annie’s Baby Photos

When we first met Claire, I felt compelled to declare that she looks like me or Michael, or both of us. During the first few hours I couldn’t tell who […]

Our Trip To Norway: God Påske!

We (finally) traveled to Norway to visit Joey & Conny in their hometown of Tromsø. We got our winter gear together, bid Gans & Griz farewell, and hit the road […]